Enhancing Your Windows Experience with Microsoft PowerToys

Windows, known for its versatility and wide user base, offers a plethora of functionalities right out of the box. However, even with its robust feature set, there are certain limitations that users may encounter. Fortunately, these can be easily overcome with the help of third-party applications designed to enhance the overall user experience. One such application that stands out is Microsoft PowerToys.


What is Microsoft PowerToys?

Microsoft PowerToys is a suite of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. With a commendable 4.6 rating from over 2,000 users, it’s clear that PowerToys has made a significant impact on the way people interact with their Windows systems.

Key Features of PowerToys

Let’s delve into some of the most notable features that PowerToys brings to the table:

  • Always On Top: Pin your active window above all others with a simple shortcut (⊞ Win + Ctrl + T), ensuring your focus remains uninterrupted.

  • Awake: Keep your computer from going to sleep with the Awake utility. Simply enable it in the PowerToys settings to maintain system alertness.

  • Color Picker: A system-wide tool that lets you pick colors from any part of your screen and copies the HEX code directly to your clipboard (⊞ Win + Shift + C).

  • Command Not Found: Install this module to enhance PowerShell 7 with experimental features, making command-line navigation more intuitive.

  • Crop And Lock: Focus on specific areas of a window by cropping and locking them into view, accessible through customizable shortcuts.

  • Environment Variables Editor: Edit system environment variables quickly and efficiently without navigating through complex settings.

  • FancyZones: Create and manage complex window layouts, allowing for easy organization of multiple applications on your desktop.

  • File Explorer Add-ons: Enhance the native File Explorer with additional functionalities like Markdown previews and SVG icons.

  • File Locksmith: Identify which processes are locking a file or folder, giving you the control to manage system resources effectively.

  • Hosts File Editor: Edit your hosts file with ease, directly within the PowerToys interface.

  • Image Resizer: Resize images on the fly from the context menu, streamlining the process of image management.

  • Keyboard Manager: Remap keys and create custom shortcuts to tailor your keyboard to your workflow.

  • Mouse Utilities: A collection of tools designed to enhance your mouse’s functionality, including a spotlight feature for presentations.

  • Mouse Without Borders: Seamlessly control multiple PCs with a single mouse and keyboard setup.

  • Paste As Plain Text: Paste copied text without any formatting, maintaining the integrity of your documents.

  • Peek: Quickly preview files in the File Explorer without opening them, saving time and system resources.

  • Power Rename: Rename files in bulk with advanced options, providing a powerful solution for file management.

  • PowerToys Run: A quick launcher that helps you find and launch applications, files, and more with just a few keystrokes.

  • Quick Accent: Type accented characters effortlessly with a simple keyboard shortcut.

  • Registry Preview: Safely preview registry files before merging them into your system, avoiding potential conflicts.

  • Screen Ruler: Measure screen elements accurately with a virtual ruler.

  • Shortcut Guide: Discover available shortcuts by holding the Windows key, enhancing navigation efficiency.

  • Text Extractor: Use OCR technology to extract text from images, expanding the possibilities of content creation.

  • Video Conference Mute: Mute your microphone and camera quickly during video conferences with a simple keystroke.


Microsoft PowerToys exemplifies how third-party applications can fill the gaps left by native Windows functionalities. By incorporating these tools into your daily routine, you can significantly boost your productivity and enhance your Windows experience.

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