Galaxy Users Report Persistent Green Line Issue Post-Update

The anomaly seems to affect a range of devices, from flagship to budget-friendly models.

Galaxy smartphone users are encountering an unusual display problem: a persistent vertical green line on their screens. This issue has sparked numerous online discussions, with affected users seeking answers and solutions. The extent of the problem remains unclear, with questions arising about whether it’s a widespread defect or isolated incidents.

Recent reports from Android Authority have highlighted cases involving the Galaxy S21 FE and S21 Ultra models. SamMobile’s coverage expands the list of affected devices to include the Galaxy A73, M21, and the entire S22 lineup.

Despite the display anomaly, the smartphones remain operational. The green line, however, mars the visual experience by bisecting the screen. Speculation points to a recent Samsung software update—either One UI 6.0 or the April 2024 security patch—as the potential culprit. However, attributing the issue solely to software remains speculative.

Green lines on displays are often indicative of a hardware malfunction, typically stemming from a compromised connection between the screen and internal components. Such issues can arise from physical damage, excessive bending, or overheating.

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A Recurring Dilemma

This isn’t the first instance of green lines appearing on Galaxy devices. Historical reports dating back months and even years reveal similar complaints. Notably, a Facebook user in 2023 encountered this issue on their Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Another case surfaced on Samsung’s official forums, where a user reported the green line on their Galaxy S24 Ultra. Intriguingly, multiple accounts suggest the defect manifested following a software update.

The recurring nature of these reports raises questions about the relationship between firmware updates and hardware integrity. One hypothesis suggests that software patches may inadvertently cause devices to overheat, damaging the display’s connection to the chipset.

Potential Remedies

While Samsung is not the only brand to face this issue—OnePlus devices have also exhibited similar symptoms—the problem appears more prevalent among Galaxy smartphones.

Users who encounter this glitch have a few self-help options. Guidance available on Samsung forums includes a variety of solutions, such as booting the phone in safe mode. Seeking official repairs from Samsung or its service partners is another avenue, though support experiences may vary.

We have reached out to Samsung for an official statement regarding this matter and are awaiting a response. Updates will be provided as new information emerges.

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