iPhones Just Upgraded to a New Realm of Video-Editing Magic Effortlessly Infuse Your Videos with Cinematic Flair

In recent years, Apple has positioned its iPhones as the go-to devices for professional creatives. The launch of a groundbreaking app now promises to transform the iPhone into a videographer’s dream tool.


Developed by Lux, the creators behind the acclaimed Halide camera app, the new Kino app focuses on simplifying professional video editing, making it accessible right from your iPhone. Designed with professionals in mind, Kino is equally user-friendly for amateurs.

The app leverages the Log video capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Log videos capture footage in a flat, neutral color profile, preserving a wealth of color and brightness data for post-production flexibility. Without Log, iPhones compress this data to conserve storage, complicating the editing process.

Kino grants you the keys to this rich visual data, facilitating color grading. While it may seem complex, Kino’s Instant Grade feature demystifies the process, enabling you to apply professional color grade presets with just a few taps. These presets, crafted in collaboration with respected friends and industry experts, span a diverse array of tones and moods.

Notably, Kino isn’t exclusive to Log footage. It includes presets tailored for standard iPhone videos, ensuring that even without an iPhone 15 Pro, you can still enjoy its benefits. For those who prefer custom presets, Kino supports .cube LUT file uploads, allowing for personalized color grading.

Expanding the Horizons of Color Grading

Image credit: LUX

Kino transcends color grading, introducing additional functionalities that cater to both seasoned and novice videographers. It intuitively selects optimal settings for achieving a cinematic, ethereal motion blur, with the option for manual adjustment of shutter speeds and exposure.

The interface is meticulously designed to eliminate unintended adjustments or taps that could compromise your footage. Gone are the days of accidental exposure changes, thanks to a swipe-down menu that houses the controls. During recording, specific buttons are deactivated to avoid accidental presses.

Kino is packed with an array of advanced features, including focus peaking, a curved focus dial, lockable auto white balance and exposure, a grid view with an integrated level, and complimentary tutorials. Priced at $19.99, Kino is currently available at a 50% introductory discount until Friday, May 31, making it an irresistible deal at just $9.99.


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