Microsoft Unleashes DirectSR: A Game-Changer for PC Gamers

Bringing DLSS-Like Upscaling to More PC Games – Faster Than Expected

Microsoft has recently announced the release of DirectSR, a technology that promises to revolutionize PC gaming. While still in preview, this development marks a crucial first step toward enhancing gaming experiences for millions of players worldwide.

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The Upscaling Puzzle

DirectSR addresses a critical aspect of gaming performance: upscaling. Traditionally, games are rendered at a lower resolution and then upscaled to a higher one. This process aims to improve frame rates while maintaining visual quality close to native resolution. However, achieving this balance has been challenging.

What Is DirectSR?

Unlike a standalone upscaling technology, DirectSR is an API (Application Programming Interface) designed to simplify the integration of existing upscaling solutions. Game developers can now incorporate popular upscaling techniques like Nvidia DLSSAMD FSR, or Intel XeSS with minimal effort. This means that more PC games can benefit from these features, potentially transforming the gaming landscape.

The Power of Integration

By allowing developers to seamlessly include upscaling solutions, DirectSR opens up exciting possibilities. Imagine playing your favorite game with the performance boost of DLSS or the efficiency of FSR, all without sacrificing visual quality. This integration could lead to smoother gameplay and improved frame rates across various titles.

DirectSR in Action

Microsoft’s Agility SDK 1.714.0 includes the initial version of DirectSR. Notably, it ships with support for AMD’s FSR 2.2 and provides driver-level support for DLSS and XeSS. The fact that we’re seeing a preview of DirectSR sooner than expected is a positive sign for its potential impact.

A Revolutionary Path Forward

In summary, DirectSR represents a significant leap forward for PC gaming. Its integration-friendly approach could democratize upscaling features, benefiting both developers and players. As we eagerly await further developments, it’s clear that PC gaming has taken a momentous step toward smoother, more immersive experiences.


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