New iOS 18 Leak Unveils Siri’s Enhanced AI Capabilities

Brace Yourself for a Siri Makeover

As we gear up for Apple’s WWDC 2024 event this Monday, June 10, anticipation is building for the big reveal of Apple’s latest software advancements. A significant leak has just surfaced, shedding light on the enhanced AI capabilities of Siri in the forthcoming iOS 18, complementing a series of prior speculations.

Insiders at AppleInsider have disclosed a comprehensive list of new functionalities that Siri is poised to adopt. The buzz around Siri’s iOS 18 update has been growing, with expectations set on a substantial AI boost. This fresh leak, however, provides us with a more detailed picture of what’s to come.


A New Level of App Interaction

Siri is set to improve its interaction with an extensive array of iOS apps, including but not limited to Books, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Files, Freeform, Keynote, Mail, Magnifier, News, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Safari, Stocks, and Voice Memos, alongside the core Settings app.

Delving Deeper into Settings

The leak suggests that Siri will gain unprecedented access within the Settings, enabling it to manage aspects like display brightness, home screens, and the app library. Rumors also hint at a potential redesign of the Settings app in iOS 18.

Actions and AI: A New Frontier

AppleInsider reveals a plethora of new actions Siri will be equipped to handle. From launching ebooks and setting camera timers to crafting slide titles and unsubscribing from email newsletters, Siri’s capabilities are expanding. In Notes, it will manage folders and tags, while in Photos, it will organize albums and apply filters.

Siri is also expected to create watchlists in Stocks, compile lists in Reminders, and make recordings in Voice Memos. These enhancements indicate that Siri will integrate more deeply with these apps, facilitating a broader range of voice-controlled actions.

AI-Powered Tasks

The AI tasks don’t stop there. Siri will be capable of summarizing emails and threads, crafting intelligent email responses, categorizing emails, transcribing and summarizing text notes, enhancing photos, and condensing websites and notifications.

While some features had previously leaked, this is by far the most exhaustive rundown we’ve encountered. It points to an exciting array of announcements come June 10, as WWDC kicks off. Stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the entire event. Here’s how you can join in on the action.


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