Sparkle Arc A770/A750 ROC Graphics Card Released, “LUNA Edition” Comes in White

Intel Arc A770 & A750 ROC Edition

Sparkle has unveiled a new series of Intel ARC GPUs, expanding their already impressive lineup with the introduction of the ROC Edition—distinct from ROG—now featuring four additional models.

Source: VideoCardz

The Sparkle ROC Series

The ROC series boasts dual-fan models in two sleek color schemes: classic black and pristine white. The latter, known as the “Luna” edition, is inspired by the moon’s luminous glow. Despite the visual trickery in official images hinting at a darker PCB, all models maintain the signature blue PCB that Sparkle ARC graphics cards are known for.

Performance and Specifications

All ROC cards come overclocked, delivering robust performance right out of the box. The Arc A770 models hit a GPU clock speed of 2300 MHz and a memory speed of 17.5 Gb/s, complemented by a generous 16GB of memory. The Arc A750 models aren’t far behind, with a 2200 MHz clock speed.

Connectivity and Support

In terms of connectivity, Sparkle asserts that their cards are equipped with three DisplayPort 2.0 connectors and one HDMI 2.0 port. Notably, Arc GPUs support UHBR10 mode, ensuring compatibility with the latest monitors that favor higher transmission rates—a detail that tech enthusiasts will find particularly relevant.

Design and Build

Aesthetically, the cards share a uniform design, each sporting two 100 mm fans. Measuring 28.1 cm in length and 13.1 cm in width, these GPUs require 2.5 slots for installation. Power is supplied via two 8-pin connectors, and Sparkle recommends a minimum 650W power supply for optimal performance.

Source:   Sparkle

Pricing and Availability

The new models are listed on Newegg at the following prices, though they are currently not in stock:

  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A770 16GB ROC Luna OC Edition: $319.99
  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A770 16GB ROC OC Edition: $299.99
  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A750 8GB ROC Luna OC Edition: $214.99
  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A750 8GB ROC OC Edition: $209.99

In Review

PC Games Hardware has reportedly received a sample of this GPU. For an in-depth review, keep an eye on their website—it may be published shortly.

Source: Sparkle, PC Games Hardware, VIDEOCARDZ

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