Windows 11 Moment 5 Update: A Leap Forward in Accessibility, Multitasking, and AI Integration

Windows 11 has just received its latest major upgrade, Moment 5, which is part of the cumulative update for April that has just been released.

1. Acing Accessibility: Voice Access and Narrator Enhancements Microsoft continues to push the envelope with accessibility features in Windows 11, and Moment 5 stands out in this regard. Voice Access has undergone significant changes, now supporting use across multiple displays. The mouse grid feature allows for intuitive actions like dragging and dropping files from one monitor to another.

A major innovation is the introduction of custom voice commands, enabling users to streamline repetitive tasks, such as pasting a specific text section into a document. Alongside these Voice Access advancements, the Narrator has been updated with a variety of new natural voices, further enriching the screen reading tool’s capabilities.

2. Snap Layouts Powered Up with AI Snap Layouts, a feature designed for efficient multitasking across various desktop apps, has been supercharged with AI-driven suggestions for premade layouts in Moment 5. This enhancement is a boon for those who have yet to discover the convenience of Snap Layouts.

3. Photos App Gets ‘Magic Eraser’ The default Photos app in Windows 11 now boasts a new AI-powered feature called ‘Generative Erase.’ This tool allows users to remove unwanted elements from images, such as photobombers, with the AI filling in the background to match the rest of the photo seamlessly.

4. Nearby Share: Faster and More Intuitive Nearby Share, which facilitates wireless file or link sharing with nearby devices, has been improved for speed and ease of use. Moment 5 ensures that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically enabled when Nearby Share is activated, and file transfers are now quicker on both public and private networks.

5. Copilot Goodies: Third-Party Plug-Ins and Expanded Commands Copilot, the AI assistant, has been enhanced with plug-ins for third-party services, starting with a selection that includes OpenTable for making dinner reservations. The library of Copilot commands related to Windows 11 settings has also been expanded, improving accessibility options and system controls.

Additional Features and Considerations

  • Windows Share now supports sharing via WhatsApp.
  • The Cast feature has been made more accessible for screen sharing to other displays.
  • Widget organization on the Windows 11 board has been improved with category options.
  • Copilot can now be used without a Microsoft account for a limited number of times, offering a trial experience for users with local accounts.
  • In Europe, additional functionalities include the option to remove Bing and Edge from Windows 11, which is not available in the US or other regions.

To access all the new features of Moment 5, check for the latest updates in Windows Update.

Source: Microsoft, Bleeping computer, TechRadar

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