Android 15 Edges Closer to Release with Exciting New Features

Beta 3 Unveiled

Android 15 is on the brink of completion, with Beta 3 now available to Pixel users participating in the beta program. This update arrives approximately a month after Beta 2 and introduces the much-anticipated Private Space feature.

Previously seen in its nascent stages, Private Space is now fully operational for beta testers, offering a secure enclave for sensitive applications.

Android 15 (Image credit: Google)

Notable Enhancements in Beta 3

Beyond Private Space, Beta 3 brings subtle yet significant modifications. For instance, widgets from forcibly closed apps now appear grayed out, preventing these apps from auto-restarting. Additionally, this update encompasses a host of bug resolutions.

Pixel 6 owners or those with newer models enrolled in the beta program can access Beta 3. While the update is typically pushed to devices automatically, eager users can manually trigger the update via Settings > System > Software update > System update > Check for updates.

Refined Settings and Enhanced Biometrics

Looking ahead, we’ve caught wind of potential features and refinements slated for future Android 15 iterations. Notably, changes to the settings interface are on the horizon, with Android Authority uncovering beta code hinting at a restructured settings menu, segmented into clearly defined sections for improved navigability.

Moreover, Android Authority reports suggest an intelligent system capable of purging ineffective biometric data, prompting users to reconfigure their facial or fingerprint authentication. This proactive approach aims to streamline biometric verification processes.

Fast Charging Rebranded

Another intriguing discovery is the redefinition of ‘fast charging.’ Android 15 may soon classify charging speeds of 20W and above as ‘fast,’ a significant leap from the current 7.5W threshold. While 20W isn’t groundbreaking, it’s a step towards rectifying the misleading ‘fast charging’ label.

A Note of Caution

It’s important to remember that these features are not guaranteed for the final Android 15 release. Despite Google’s active development, the company may opt to withhold certain functionalities. Nevertheless, the likelihood of their inclusion remains high.

Anticipating the Official Launch

The official rollout of Android 15 is anticipated between August and October, maintaining Google’s release pattern. For those unable to wait, the Android 15 beta is readily accessible for download.

Stay tuned for more updates as Android 15 continues to evolve, promising an array of enhancements that will redefine the Android experience.


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