Google AI May Mix Good and Questionable Ideas in the Anticipated Pixel 9

There will, however, be a bigger focus on maintaining privacy

Google is reportedly planning to unite existing and new machine learning (ML) features into a collection known as Google AI for Pixel. An anonymous insider recently spoke to Android Authority, revealing what the tech giant may have in store.

Before diving into the details, it’s important to note that this report is based on a single screenshot of a menu. Not much is revealed, so the conclusions mentioned in the initial article are primarily speculative.

Regarding existing features, both Circle to Search, already available on Pixel and Galaxy smartphones, and Gemini, the brand’s current AI assistant, will be moved under this new Google AI umbrella. The first new feature mentioned in the report is “Add Me,” which is described as a way to “make sure everyone’s included in a group photo.” It’s unknown exactly what this means, but Android Authority theorizes this may be a revamped Best Take. If you’re unfamiliar, Best Take is an AI tool that blends photographs together to ensure everyone looks their best and can help fix awkward shots. “Add Me” could be an upgrade as it may add the user to photographs they weren’t originally part of.

“Studio” is the second new inclusion, and judging from the accompanying text, this is an AI image generator. Google has been working on image-generating models for some time now, and in February, the company launched ImageFX as one of its first forays into the tech. This could possibly be the mobile version that brings it to many more users.

The final ML feature, Screenshots, is arguably the most interesting of the bunch. According to the publication, the tool utilizes artificial intelligence to scour through on-device screenshots and provide information about them to help answer questions.

This sounds very similar to Microsoft’s controversial Recall feature. Recall was a search tool that would record your activity on certain Copilot Plus PCs by taking constant screenshots. It was heavily criticized for being a privacy nightmare, and Microsoft has since pulled the tool.


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