Leaked PS5 Pro Specifications Signal a Major Power Surge

Alleged Performance Boost of 45% Over Base PS5 Model
(Image credit: Sony)

Recent leaks surrounding the PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony’s unannounced mid-gen upgrade, suggest a substantial increase in the console’s power. A YouTube exposé by Moore’s Law is Dead has shed light on the so-called ‘Trinity’ project, revealing a suite of specifications from an internal Sony presentation.

Key performance enhancements have been highlighted, with the presentation noting: “Trinity-enabled PS5 titles may boast improved resolution and frame rates.” The leaked documents suggest the PS5 Pro could deliver rendering speeds approximately 45% faster than the original PS5, alongside a significant enhancement in ray tracing capabilities—potentially two to four times greater. The GPU is rumored to be capable of an impressive 33.5 teraflops of power, dwarfing the standard PS5’s 10.28 teraflops.

Beyond raw numbers, the leak also mentions “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution,” Sony’s proprietary upscaling technology, and advancements in “custom architecture for machine learning” that could enable support for resolutions up to 8K.

While Insider Gaming and IGN have corroborated the authenticity of these leaks, citing sources within Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Developer Network, the absence of official confirmation advises caution in accepting these details as fact. Nevertheless, should the PS5 Pro approach these speculated performance levels upon its rumored late 2024 release, it would represent a significant evolution in mid-gen console updates, igniting anticipation for the future of gaming technology.

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