Microsoft Announces Broader Copilot Rollout for Windows 11 and 10 Users

The phased deployment of the AI assistant begins, extending into May.

Microsoft has initiated the broader deployment of Copilot AI, making it available to more Windows 11 users, with Windows 10 users soon to follow. The expansion, highlighted by Neowin, is part of Microsoft’s strategy to make the AI assistant accessible to a wider audience.

This week marks the start of an opportunity for users to engage with Copilot for up to 10 queries without the need to sign in to a Microsoft account. This allows users to explore the AI assistant’s capabilities on their Windows devices, even without an active account.

The ongoing rollout phase is targeting consumer versions of Windows 11 (23H2 and 22H2), with business deployments depending on administrative policies. Additionally, Windows 10 Home or Pro devices running version 22H2 will begin receiving Copilot later this month.

Microsoft’s goal is to complete this rollout phase by the end of May, ensuring most eligible Windows 11 and 10 devices are equipped with the AI assistant.

As Copilot’s functionality continues to grow, Microsoft is also working on expanding its ability to adjust Windows settings. However, progress in this area has been gradual. Users will be able to identify the presence of Copilot by a distinctive, colorful icon in the system tray, marked with ‘Pre’ to indicate that the AI is still in preview mode.

While the Copilot icon can be hidden, the AI cannot be fully removed from the system at present. Nevertheless, third-party applications provide methods for users who wish to completely remove Copilot from their Windows installation.

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