Multi-display support is coming to the M3 MacBook Pro, mirroring the capabilities of the Air

Apple confirms that the multi-display support for the M3 MacBook Pro will be introduced through a forthcoming software update.

Source : Apple

Apple has unveiled its new M3 MacBook Air laptops, which come with the notable feature of being able to power two external displays even when the lid is closed. Interestingly, this feature was absent from the more robust MacBook Pro line, but Apple has rectified this. The company has announced that this feature will also be available on standard M3 MacBook Pro laptops via a software update, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The specifics of which software update will include this new tool are not yet known, but it’s possible that it could be included in the actively developed macOS Sonoma 14.4. The feature is expected to function identically on the upcoming M3 MacBook Air, as both lines share a similar architecture and processor.

This update is specifically for 14-inch MacBook Pro laptops equipped with the standard M3 chip. The more powerful M3 Pro and Max chips already have this capability, so the 16-inch model does not require a software update. Before this, the regular M3 MacBook Pro could only power a single external monitor when the lid was closed.

Apple Silicon MacBook Pros have been able to power multiple external displays since the M1 Pro chip, but this has never been possible with standard M-series chips. Apple has not provided a reason for why this feature took so long to implement on chips without the Pro or Max designation. Regardless, this update will be a significant enhancement for current M3 MacBook Pro owners who are seeking additional screen space.

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