A New Era of Computing

“Today, we stand on the brink of a major shift in computing,” says Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, clad in his signature black leather jacket. He addressed an audience of over 6,500 industry leaders, press, entrepreneurs, gamers, creators, and AI enthusiasts at the COMPUTEX technology conference in Taipei. The theme was clear: NVIDIA’s accelerated platforms are in full production, driving a new industrial revolution.


Generative AI: The Game Changer


Huang emphasized the transformative power of Generative AI, which is reshaping industries and opening new opportunities for innovation and growth. “The future of computing is accelerated,” he said. “With our innovations in AI and accelerated computing, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

The Power of Partnerships

Nearly 200 technology partners, including Cadence, Cloudera, Cohesity, DataStax, NetApp, Scale AI, and Synopsys, are integrating NVIDIA Inference Microservices (NIM) into their platforms to speed generative AI deployments for domain-specific applications. Hugging Face is now offering NIM, starting with Meta Llama 3.

NVIDIA’s RTX AI PCs: Revolutionizing Consumer Experiences

NVIDIA’s RTX AI PCs, powered by RTX technologies, are set to revolutionize consumer experiences with over 200 RTX AI laptops and more than 500 AI-powered apps and games. The RTX AI Toolkit and newly available PC-based NIM inference microservices for the NVIDIA ACE digital human platform underscore NVIDIA’s commitment to AI accessibility.

NVIDIA Robotics: Leading the Industrial Digitization Shift

NVIDIA is spearheading the $50 trillion industrial digitization shift, with sectors embracing autonomous operations and digital twins. Taiwanese manufacturers are transforming their factories using NVIDIA’s technology, with Huang showcasing Foxconn’s use of NVIDIA Omniverse, Isaac, and Metropolis to create digital twins, combining vision AI and robot development tools for enhanced robotic facilities.

“The next wave of AI is physical AI. AI that understands the laws of physics, AI that can work among us,” Huang said, emphasizing the importance of robotics and AI in future developments.

The Future is Robotic


Global electronics giants are integrating NVIDIA’s autonomous robotics into their factories, leveraging simulation in Omniverse to test and validate this new wave of AI for the physical world. This includes over 5 million preprogrammed robots worldwide.

“All the factories will be robotic. The factories will orchestrate robots, and those robots will be building robotic products,” Huang explained.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise: Delivering Edge AI Solutions

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on the IGX platform, with partners like ADLINK, Advantech, and ONYX, delivers edge AI solutions meeting strict regulatory standards, essential for medical technology and other industries.

Huang ended his keynote on the same note he began, paying tribute to Taiwan and NVIDIA’s many partners there. “Thank you,” Huang said. “I love you guys.”


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