Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Rumored to Get a Big Camera Upgrade

Four Rear Cameras?

There’s already been quite a bit of chatter around the Samsung Galaxy S25, due to be released in January 2025, and in particular, the spotlight is on the Ultra model. Now, a new leak suggests that the most expensive handset in the range is in line for a significant camera upgrade.

This information comes from the well-respected leaker Ice Universe, who shared details on Chinese social media site Weibo (via Android Authority). According to the tipster, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature four cameras on the back.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

So, what can we expect from these cameras? Let’s dive into the details:

  1. 200MP Primary Camera: The headline-grabber is the whopping 200-megapixel primary camera. If this rumor holds true, it would be a remarkable leap in resolution, promising incredibly detailed photos.

  2. 50MP Super-Telephoto Camera: For those who love zooming in, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is said to sport a 50-megapixel super-telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom. This should allow for clear shots even when capturing distant subjects.

  3. Secondary 50MP Telephoto Camera: Another 50-megapixel camera, this one with 3x optical zoom, will provide additional flexibility for different shooting scenarios. Whether it’s portraits or distant landscapes, this telephoto lens aims to deliver.

  4. 50MP Ultrawide Camera: Ultrawide shots are all the rage, and the Galaxy S25 Ultra won’t disappoint. With a 50-megapixel ultrawide camera, you’ll be able to capture expansive vistas and creative compositions.

Quality Boosts Await

While the hardware upgrades sound impressive, the real question is how they’ll impact photo and video quality. Samsung’s official unveiling will reveal the full story, but we can expect improvements in various areas. Higher megapixels don’t always guarantee better results, but with advancements in image processing and sensor technology, the Galaxy S25 Ultra could deliver stunning visuals.

Quad-Lens Setup

Previous leaks had suggested that the Galaxy S25 Ultra might switch to a triple-lens rear camera, but it seems the quad-lens setup is here to stay. This decision could help differentiate the Ultra model from its siblings, the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Plus.

AI Upgrades and Beyond

Beyond the camera hardware, rumors also point to substantial AI upgrades for the Galaxy S25 series, including the Ultra model. Samsung’s commitment to artificial intelligence could enhance features like scene recognition, image stabilization, and post-processing.

What’s Next?

Clues about Samsung’s camera direction might come with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Galaxy Z Flip 6, scheduled for July 10. As tech enthusiasts, we eagerly await the official announcements and will keep you informed with all the news as it unfolds. Stay tuned!📸🚀

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