10 AirPods Features We’re Eager to See with iOS 18

Anticipated Enhancements for AirPods Lineup at WWDC

As Apple gears up to showcase its latest innovations at WWDC 2024, all eyes are on the potential upgrades iOS 18 will bring to the AirPods family. With a rumored emphasis on AI, the AirPods Pro 2 could see significant enhancements, while the AirPods Max and AirPods 3 are also set to benefit from the update.


Here’s our wishlist of the top 10 features for the next-gen AirPods:

1. Smarter Conversation Recognition Building on Apple’s Conversation Awareness, the University of Washington has developed an AI-driven feature that not only amplifies voices but also isolates speech, maintaining noise cancellation for everything else. This innovation could redefine noise cancellation technology.

2. Tailored Noise Cancellation The same researchers are exploring “semantic hearing,” which allows users to filter specific sounds like a baby’s cry or emergency sirens, offering a more personalized audio experience.

3. Adaptive Environmental Soundscaping Imagine your AirPods Pro 2 adjusting noise cancellation based on your location—home, office, or commuting. Competitors like Sony and Sennheiser are already exploring this, and we hope Apple follows suit.

4. Enhanced Equalizer (EQ) Options The absence of a customizable EQ in Apple’s ecosystem remains a frustration. With AI shaping music through tools like Stem Splitter and ChromaGlow in Logic Pro, we’re hopeful for intelligent sound customization in the Music app.

5. Real-Time Language Translation Envision your AirPods transforming into a real-time translator, akin to the Babel Fish from Douglas Adams’ universe. While Google has dabbled in this area, we anticipate Apple leveraging the iPhone’s processing power to bring this feature to life.

6. High-Resolution Audio Support With Bluetooth advancements, AirPods could soon support higher-quality lossless audio, enhancing the listening experience for Apple Music and other streaming services.

7. Advanced Song Recognition Beyond Shazam’s capabilities, we’d love to see AirPods support a feature where you can hum or sing a tune for identification, similar to Google’s YouTube Music app.

8. AI-Powered Soundscapes AI could revolutionize the iPhone’s Background Sounds feature, allowing for more intricate and personalized sound environments, accessible directly through AirPods.

9. Hearing Aid Functionality Rumors suggest a significant update in the works for AirPods as a hearing aid alternative, tapping into the newly deregulated market and possibly incorporating Bluetooth Auracast support.

10. Custom Audio Settings A dedicated settings screen to manage audio levels across different apps and media types would be a welcome addition, preventing sudden volume spikes when switching between apps.

Future AirPods Hardware Expectations

While new AirPods hardware might not debut at WWDC, we’re anticipating the arrival of two AirPods 4 models later in the year, alongside the final release of iOS 18. Additionally, we’re keeping an eye out for the AirPods Max 2, which may not surface until 2025, and the AirPods Pro 3, expected in the same year.

Stay tuned as we await Apple’s official announcements and see which of these features will become a reality.


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