Google I/O 2024 Lineup Confirmed – 5 New Things We’re Expecting to See, from Wear OS 5 to Gemini Wizardry

Android 15 is a Shoo-in, but Here’s What Else Google’s Planning

Google I/O 2024 is on the horizon, and the anticipation is building for what’s to come at the big G’s festival. Slated for May 14, the event will showcase Android 15, Wear OS 5, Android TV, and potentially more. The official schedule, though not revealing specifics, confirms some significant software upgrades to look out for.

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Keynote Kickoff and Sessions Preview

The keynote, a must-watch event, is scheduled for 10am PT / 5pm GMT on May 14, translating to 3am AEST in Australia. The follow-up sessions offer a glimpse into what’s in store, including a debut look at Wear OS 5 during the ‘Building for the Future of Wear OS’ session. This is particularly noteworthy as the platform was recently rumored to be nearing its end.

Android 15 and Generative AI

Android 15 is expected to be a highlight of the show, with discussions to include generative AI and various form factors. The overarching theme of AI will be evident throughout the event, with Google Gemini playing a pivotal role. Developers will explore new methods for creating immersive 3D maps and next-generation AI apps utilizing Gemini models.

Upgrades and Enhancements Across Platforms

Android Auto enthusiasts can anticipate upgrades, hinted at in a session titled “Android for Cars: New In-Car Experiences.” Google TV and Android TV OS are also on the agenda, promising new user experience enhancements and additions to the platforms. ChromeOS isn’t left behind, with a session indicating new features and experiences for Chromebooks.

The Curious Case of Google Pay

Interestingly, Google Pay is mentioned, despite its scheduled discontinuation post-Google I/O 2024 in favor of Google Wallet. This could lead to a unique showcase, perhaps even a tour of the Google Graveyard, including the recently added Google Podcasts.

Credit: Google

Potential Hardware Announcements

While Google I/O is predominantly software-focused, hardware announcements are anticipated during the keynote. The Google Pixel 8a has been extensively leaked, suggesting an upcoming reveal. Leaks and rumors also surround the Google Pixel 9 and a possible Pixel 9 Pro, both rumored to offer satellite connectivity akin to the iPhone.

Rumors of a refreshed Pixel Tablet, as opposed to a Pixel Tablet 2, suggest a reveal at the conference. Additionally, there’s buzz about a Google Pixel Fold 2 or a Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

Google has a history of surprises, like the live-translation glasses teased at Google I/O 2022. While those didn’t materialize, there’s hope that this year’s innovations will have more staying power.

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Please note that the information provided in the article is based on available details and rumors, and official announcements during Google I/O 2024 may reveal additional surprises and updates. 🚀

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