LinkedIn Launches Gaming: 3 Logic Puzzles Aimed at Extending Time Spent on Its

Networking Platform

Back in March, TechCrunch revealed that LinkedIn was exploring games on its platform—word and logic puzzles akin to Wordle. Now, to attract more users and boost engagement, the platform officially launches three games.

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The Games: A Daily Challenge

  1. Queens: Inspired by Sudoku, Queens challenges players to arrange crowns in non-overlapping patterns within a time limit. The social twist? A company leaderboard displays your affiliation.

  2. Crossclimb: Trivia enthusiasts will appreciate Crossclimb. Players decipher words from clues and fit them into a grid, altering one letter at a time to form new words. It’s harder than it looks, but some players swear by it.

  3. Pinpoint: Reminiscent of The New York Times’ Connections, Pinpoint tasks players with uncovering the link between words through minimal reveals. Early attempts can be quite challenging.

LinkedIn’s Strategic Move

While LinkedIn isn’t the first social network to incorporate gaming, it aims to foster more organic interactions beyond professional networking. By offering daily puzzles, LinkedIn hopes to keep users engaged and deepen their connection to the platform.

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The Bigger Picture

Social gaming has seen mixed results, even for giants like Facebook. As platforms evolve, LinkedIn’s focus on games complements its advertising business and provides additional value to users.


LinkedIn’s logic puzzles offer a refreshing break from transactional interactions. Whether you’re a word wizard or a trivia enthusiast, these games might just keep you coming back for more.


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