Major Google Pixel 8a Leak Reveals Promo Pictures and Hints at Pricing

A Price Freeze?

There’s a good chance the Google Pixel 8 will be unveiled at Google I/O 2024 on May 14. As the event approaches, the pace of associated leaks is picking up. The latest major leak covers Pixel 8a promo images and pricing.

Image credit: dpreview

Pricing Details

According to reliable sources like @OnLeaks and Smartprix, it appears that worries about a price hike may have been unfounded. The Pixel 8a pricing is said to be as follows in the US:

  • 128GB version: $499
  • 256GB version: $559

Interestingly, this pricing aligns with what the Google Pixel 7a cost when it went on sale in May 2023. However, it’s worth noting that only the 128GB version of the Pixel 7a was available. We assume that Google will maintain similar pricing internationally, although there might be slight variations between regions. For reference, last year’s international pricing for the 128GB Pixel 7a was £449 and AU$749.

Comparing Value

In our Google Pixel 7a review, we found that the mid-ranger wasn’t particularly good value compared to the Pixel 7. Now, with the Pixel 8a, we’re curious to see how it measures up against the Google Pixel 8. Rumors suggest that the new phone will feature the same Tensor G3 chipset inside.

Leaked Promo Images

Alongside the pricing leak, we’ve been treated to a plethora of promotional images for the Pixel 8a. While we can’t guarantee their authenticity, they certainly look convincing and fit the style of previous Pixel promo pics.

Image credit: Digital Trends

We previously heard about four Pixel 8a colors:

  1. Dark Gray (Obsidian)
  2. White-ish (Porcelain)
  3. Light Blue (Bay)
  4. Bright-ish Green (Mint)

Three of these colors appear in the leaked images, along with the distinctive rear camera bar. Additionally, one of the images seems to depict someone using Circle to Search, a feature that Pixel users are familiar with.

More Leaked Pictures

For those hungry for even more leaked content, seasoned tipster @MysteryLupin has you covered. This collection includes a Pixel 8a case (though not the phone itself) in the orangey Coral color, similar to what you can buy for the Pixel 7a.

What to Expect

With all this leaked information, we likely know almost everything there is to know about the Google Pixel 8a ahead of its grand reveal at Google I/O 2024. Here are five new things we’re expecting Google to announce:

  1. Enhanced Camera Features: Google has always focused on photography, and we anticipate improvements in camera capabilities.
  2. Software Innovations: The Pixel series often introduces new software features, and the Pixel 8a should be no exception.
  3. Battery Life: Will the Pixel 8a offer better battery life than its predecessor?
  4. Display Technology: Expect details about the display technology and any advancements.
  5. Integration with Google Services: Google I/O is the perfect stage to showcase how the Pixel 8a integrates with Google’s ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the official announcement, and mark your calendars for May 14!

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